May I Be One Man

After living the better part of my life under one name, I thought it only appropriate that the following action be taken to comply with this "one name notion." Not only do I like being known by only one name, but I would also like to be one man to boot.

Why, just today I met someone new and last night I spent the evening with a group of old friends. However, though I introduced myself to each in their various times, they made the acquaintance of quite the variety of fellows. In fact, if you cornered one of these people demanding who this fellow is that introduced himself by my name, sixteen different characters would be described. These characters or "comrades in title" march under the auspice of one name. The name that belongs to me! Now I do not want to unjustly pull the name badges of these, I'm sure very nice, fellows but the individual is fast becoming a bureau. So today I am laying off most of these cohorts to comply with the individual mandate. In fact, if you happen to come upon me and introduce yourself , you will now only have the option to meet me. The personalization with take a hit, but hopefully I can make up for it with sincerity.

I look forward to meeting you!

Phillip Tippin
Having just sat down
Roeland Park, KS

Triple Self Portrait
Norman Rockwell
Feb. 13, 1960